For any author it is a moment of great pride to see his book out in print. I have had many of those moments. Despite such beingthe case, every time a book comes out, butterflies begin to fly in my belly. My heart begins to palpitate and I start biting my nails even more. The feeling of nervous anticipation is a feeling which will never go away, irrespective of the number of books that you have written.

In fact I was the least nervous when If God was a Banker, my first book was launched. Back then, there was no sword hanging over your head. No pressure for performance. No reader anticipation. No reputation to live up to. No publisher pressure. For all those who grudge some authors getting large advances, let me tell you, there is no pressure which plays on an authors mind more than the pressure of unrealised advances.

But then whats life without some fun. Without some stress. Without pressure and the feeling of coming out on top despite all that.

So here I am, with my ninth book in English – IN THE NAME OF GOD.  The book releases end of June. An out and out thriller – this book has taken me a year and half to write. Possibly the longest that I have taken for writing a book. Published by Penguin Random house, the book is up for Preorder on Amazon. You can preorder by clicking here :

Watch this space for more information about In The Name Of God. 

And now …. go and preorder the book and read it on the day of its release.

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