Why I counted my blessings and thanked God for 2016…

As I reflect on the year gone by, I wonder what makes a year a great year. What makes you feel satisfied with the year that is almost coming to an end? When I think about it, it strikes me that as parents of a girl who turned seventeen a week and half ago, our assessment of a year gone by often revolves around the child. Around how the year has been for her. As Dharini and I were discussing this on a Sunday evening, the realisation dawned that 2016 has been possibly the best year ever for us. And almost everything that has given us joy this year has had to do with our daughter, Anusha. Am just penning down a few things that come to mind right away (not in any particular order)

  • Anusha started the year with the most stressful exam of her life (till date) – the 10th ICSE. She worked really hard for that, and her efforts paid off. She got a creditable 97.2%.
  • She got admission to Dhirubhai Ambani International School – the No.1 ranked IB school in the country, for her XI and XII.  As the year progressed, she settled comfortably into the new environment. Most importantly she has learnt the value of relationships and now she cherishes her friendship with her friends from her old school, as she goes about making new friends at DAIS.
  • She spent three weeks in Providence USA, pushing a summer internship at Brown University, her first time away from home for that long. While those three weeks were painful for us as parents, it was necessary because loving someone is as much about holding on to them, as it is about letting them go. I felt that staying alone in an alien territory is a learning every parent must give their child. I noticed a huge huge positive change in Anusha after the three weeks Brown University stint.
  • Her second book NEVER GONE, was published by Penguin this year. The book has been appreciated by everyone who has read it. (Never Gone on Amazon)
  • She has her own Weekly column in DNA now. Click here for Anusha’s column in DNA
  • She has been in the best of health throughout the year.
  • And most importantly she is happy with the way her life has progressed this year

As a parent nothing gives you more joy than seeing your children do well in life. And for me (as it does for every other parent) this is possibly the ONLY yardstick for success. Only path to happiness.

Time to count ones blessings, and thank God for a wonderful 2016.

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