To get your child to think out of the box, first get him/her inside the box : the ENCHANTICO box


What does your child need as he/she grows up to be someone who will make you proud ? The child needs the right friends, the right mentors, the right places to travel to, the right stimulants to his fertile mind. The child will also need something that will make him world ready. And if you think of what is that something that will give our children all of the above? Isn’t the answer simple ? Its books !

But hey, that isn’t that simple. With so many books and so little time, how do you ensure that you pick the right books for your child? While you can always go right with classics, there is so much of new literature coming up – it is very easy to get lost. That’s exactly where Enchantico comes in. Enchantico is a delightful box that comes with age-appropriate curated books delivered right at your door-step. Here’s how delight opens up as your child opens up the box:

A brain-bill served monthly: Enchantico is a subscription service that delivers two of the latest books in childrens literature plus activities and collectibles right at your doorstep – month after month. All yours for keeps.

Age appropriate and Curated: The Enchantico box doesn’t just have books, but books curated by some of the best minds in childrens literature. This means in a year, you will receive 24 of the best books released in the recent past. These books are meant for 4 different age groups – 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12.

Readers to Leaders: The books are curated with a plan. To introduce your child to the best minds and authors in childrens literature. To develop their language, imagination, creativity, empathy and make them world-ready.

Books and More: Enchantico goes beyond books and also features activities based on books. Activities meant to engage and deepen their bond with literature. Also packed in are collectibles based on superheroes and characters your child is excited about.

The World of Enchantico: Enchantico is also in the process of creating a whole ecosystem for literature – A soon-to-be-launched digital platform and a series of literary events including an exciting childrens litfest – Litomania.

At the end of it, making sure that your child thinks out of the box, is entirely in your hands. Getting him or her into the world of Enchantico box is entirely in your hands too.

Gift your child an ENCHANTICO box today and see the kid transform from a reader to a leader. See him metamorphose into an out of the box thinker.

Here is a sneak preview of the books that went out to the Enchantico Subscribers in September. October promises to be even more exciting.

Click here to know more about enchantico and subscribe to the best gift that you could give your child – A gift for his future. www.enchantico.in 


To see what Enchantico Box Subscribers got in August, see here  : Enchantico August Box

Copy Credit : Sangram Surve





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