A good writer is also a good storyteller


From DNA AfterHrs Page 4,  … by Deepali

Aditya, the protagonist, is a banker and bestselling author, just like you. He, too, is an alumnus of IIM Bengaluru and like you, he does not want to leave his job because he thinks writing would then become just another job for him. Is The Bestseller She Wrote your most autobiographical work till date?

(Laughs) No not at all. This is a theme wherein it is genuinely advisable to not be autobiographical. On a serious note, most of the bestselling authors around are IIM graduates. So when I started writing a book about India’s No 1 author, he had to be from the IIMs. Bengaluru was just a matter of my personal comfort. Yes, the protagonist in my book also has a great parallel corporate career. Like me, he too believes that writing will lose its charm if it becomes a full time money spinning job. It would be right to say that a lot of my thoughts and beliefs about the way authors should (or should not) behave have made their way into the book. My thoughts about books, bookstores, marketing of books, publishers approach to books etc, do stare at you from the pages of The Bestseller She Wrote.

Why digress from a genre you had become known for? Are you more nervous about this book than the earlier ones, since romantic intrigue is a new genre for you?

A good writer is one who is a great storyteller. And storytelling should not be restricted to one genre. An author who boxes himself in a particular genre is not doing justice to his craft. And I have already written seven banking thrillers thus far. It is clearly time for me to experiment. More than reaching out to newer audience, this book is an attempt by me to tell myself that I can tell interesting stories set in a completely different field. This will be my first foray in a genre of Romantic Intrigue which does not exist in India. Romance writing in India has been synonymous with teeny college romance, and have little or no takeaways for the reader. The reader remembers the book only as long as he or she reads it. In The Bestseller She Wrote, the reader will be in for a Romantic Intrigue which is a cross between a thriller and a romance.

Your contemporaries, such as Amish Tripathi, Chetan Bhagat, Ashwin Sanghi and even you get mentioned in the pages. Did you speak to them before including their names?

Well, tell me, what value is a story based in the world of authors in India, which does not even mention these great guys, even if it is in passing. I know a couple of them are surely looking forward to reading the book. I have not asked them, for they make an appearance as themselves. I am eagerly looking forward to their thoughts on the book. This is the first book written in the glitzy world of bestsellers and about the personal life of authors. So they will also be eager to read it, I am sure.

It is not only them, there are a few others too. There is a Vaishali Mathur, in the book who is Aditya’s editor, a few journalists come in as themselves, there is an Anurag Kashyap, who makes a cameo appearance. There are a lot of real life or near real life characters. That adds to the appeal and relatability of the story.

The movie rights have already been sold. Can you give us more details on that? How involved are you in the process?

The way it happened is a story in itself. We will be making the announcement on this soon. I am involved in giving creative inputs for the project, on a need basis. Discussions are on for getting the casting right. I’m hopeful that the project will be greenlit soon.

The movie rights for God Is A Gamer have been brought. What is the progress on that front?

It is currently in the scripting stage. Given that God is a Gamer is a complex thriller, it is taking a lot of time.


You can Preorder The Bestseller She Wrote Right here :  http://www.amazon.in/dp/9385152386

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