She was fire 

Anusha’s blogpost … Am seriously amazed at the way children think and write today… Our kids have so much of talent.

Anusha Subramanian - All Shades of Dramatic

She wasfire

Anger smouldering inside her like glowing embers
Stray sparks from which set her heart ablaze
And they burnt a trail navigating her soul
Until they finally escape through her fiery gaze

She wasfire

Her skin burned with simmering passion
Yet she suppressed it, her lips were sealed
She locked inside, her flaming zeal
Her burning intensity she tried to quell
The world was not ready for the words she held

She isfire

She let the flames consume her whole
And burn away the tainted bits of her soul
Her trial by fire ends today
She’s stronger now in every way
And the blaze that she tried to tame in vain
Was never really meant to be restrained
The flames and her can never be apart
‘Cause she was born with fire in her heart

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