Nice review by Mrinalini on my daughters (ANUSHA SUBRAMANIAN’s) book : HEIRS OF CATRIONA


531677_263600463741820_1554907502_nAbout the reviewer: Mrinalini Majumdar is all of 13, goes to school, is a brilliant student and a book worm. This book was given to her by me, her aunt, for I thought that she would like reading it. Coming up with a review was totally her idea. This review comes from someone who is the actual target audience for the book. The book review is a candid account from someone who read the book without having a bias or the nagging thought of having to write a review at the end of it. All opinion expressed here is her own and the review has not been influenced in any which way.

heirs-of-catriona-275x275-imadekfygzfrwyexI found the book “Heirs of Catriona” really nice…I loved the way Miss Anusha Subramanian wrote it. I liked the way she has described the two girls Sara and Crystal in this as well as the way she…

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